About Us

Hello, I am Melina.

Lannister farm has been in my family for four generations.

The birth of my son made me think about all the experiences I enjoyed as a child that I would like him to experience too. While chatting with friends about the foods we enjoyed as children, I recalled picking my own strawberries and raspberries in our private garden on the farm.

Their taste was so much more superior to those bought in supermarkets today. Was it the variety?  The freshness?  The climate?  Or that they were grown in good soil and not hydroponics?  Perhaps all of those factors.

It made me think, why should that experience be limited to just my family when I can open up the farm to the public and allow everyone the opportunity to experience strawberries that taste sweet, juicy, and bursting with flavour.

When I told my lifelong friend, Lisa about my idea, she told me to go for it. So with her help and knowledge of planting, that is exactly what we have started to do; opening up my family farm to the public in partnership with my best friend.

However, the farm is more than just strawberries. Our farm shop aims to bring other fresh and local produce. Once you’ve tasted a freshly laid egg, where the yolk is golden and the taste is free of sulphur, you will find it difficult to return to supermarket eggs.

In the future, we hope to expand our message of freshness and good soil makes for superior flavour, by opening up more of the farm for local restauranteurs to grow their own produce and thus improve their menus with the absolute freshest

We are also looking at opening a café in the future, in case you can’t wait to get the strawberries home and would sooner enjoy them with freshly baked scones over a cup of tea or quality coffee.

Thank you for taking an interest in our humble farm. There is always a warm welcome waiting for you here. I hope to see you and your family soon.

Kind regards,

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