Grow-your-own pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! What happened to the weather last week? Luckily we started our plants undercover or they may have been wiped out in that cold artic breeze. I hope you all managed to stay nice and warm and hopefully it looks like spring is about to resume once more next week. The signs of new life are everywhere to be seen, the snowdrops have given way to the daffodils and the hedgerows are full of birdsong and nest building. The temporary blip in the weather has done little to stop the inevitable progress of the seasons.

So what’s been happening on Lannister Farm this week? We’ve continued planning on the café as Lisa and I have been bouncing ideas on how we would like it to appear. We’ve been toying with the idea of a rustic feel by bringing nature into the space, things like making the tables and chairs out of tree stumps, but we are still in the brainstorming stage right now. Why not follow us on Facebook and leave a comment with your own suggestions?

As we have two fields and only one will initially be planted for pick-your-own strawberries and vegetables, we have also been giving ideas on how best to utilise the other field. The field will be shared with our chickens in order to bring fresh free range eggs. However, we are also looking at the idea of a grow-your-own pumpkin patch. Pumpkins take up a lot of space in people’s gardens and if we can come up with an idea where we provide you the space, then it will make it easier for children to grow their own. Imagine how much more special Samhain will be for the children who get to
carve their very own pumpkin that they grew. Not to mention the educational experience of developing their green fingers. Of course, I am sure we can find a place for purists who prefer the more difficult to carve turnip instead.

More updates next week.

…to be continued.