Hope you’re having a great Easter!!!

Here on Lannister Farm, the weather is changing for the better and it looks like it is going to be warm for the rest of the easter hoilday. The vegetables are coming along nicely and it looks like the warmer weather is going to give them a burst of fresh growth. The warmth has also seen more bee activity around the farm and today I spotted my first butterfly of the year. The dandelions in the hedgerows are full of pollen beetles. These little creatures may appear to be a pest but do the plants no harm and aid in their pollination.

All around the place is full of bird song and it is fascinating to watch their courtship rituals and nest building. Some are already beyond that stage and brooding on their clutch of eggs.

It won’t be long before we start planting the star of the show… the strawberries. However, most of the week has been dominated by paperwork and training around the setup of the café. But thinking about all the riding stables in the area, we have still had space to consider putting an area in the carpark to tie up horses.

This Easter, my son is too young to consider chocolate eggs but amidst the signs of spring and new life, it gives a moment to contemplate the Christian message of rebirth. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and have the opportunity to make the most of the warmer weather.

… to be continued.