Lots going on at Lannister Farm

This week down on Lannister Farm we have been even busier than before, if that is even possible. We’ve got the cabin up for the café and it is currently being fitted for plumbing. It is nice and warm… really cosy. I am sure folk are going to love it. The environmental health officer has been to inspect the premises and we have had a risk assessment by the council too. Things are looking good!

If that wasn’t enough for this week, we have also ploughed the fields for planting and are working at getting a children’s play area built with climbing frame etc. We really want this to be a fun place for families to enjoy and not just about the strawberries but a proper grand day out or even just a place to stop for a cup of tae and a chat with friends in the cosy cabin.

Speaking of strawberries… the stars of the show are now planted and for now are being kept inside out of the elements. This weekend we’ve got that arctic blast coming down for a couple of days and best to keep everything under wraps and out of the way of any potential late frosts. However, now the fields are ploughed, we will be starting to move things outdoors over the next few weeks in time for the grand opening day on the 6 th July. I look forward to welcoming you all to Lannister Farm on the day.

Next week I promise to talk a bit more about me and Lisa… we’ve got some exciting news to share, so be sure to check back in a week’s time.

… to be continued.