The big reveal

Things have been super hectic on Lannister Farm this last week with the strawberries, so much so, that I’ve been having difficulty keeping up with the blogs. But, I remember saying at the very start that I would reveal a bit more about myself and my business partner Lisa. Now seems a great time to introduce ourselves because we’ve got some very exciting news to share with you all. So, let’s start
with me, Melina…

I was born and raised in Northern Ireland as the middle child of three. I went to Riverdale School in Legacurry, Lisburn and then onto Fort Hill afterwards. While I was at school I did a number of additional activities: I worked as a cleaner, was a member of fusion theatre drama group, volunteered with St John’s Ambulance, and went to Romania when I was 18 as a volunteer. After Fort Hill, I went on to university where I trained as a nurse and volunteered at a homeless shelter for three years.

I still do nursing as a career on top of setting up the Lannister Farm business. If that was difficult enough, I also balance being a mother to a beautiful baby boy. When I can find time I like to go hiking, rock climbing, camping, and not so much now, but historical fencing. Oh and I also have a cat called Stan and a husband called Jayson.

Lisa, my business partner and awesome friend for life, is the youngest of four children and aunty to three boys. She went to Maralin Village primary school in not too far away Magheralin and I met her at Fort Hill where we fast became best friends. Her dad is a landscape gardener and she went on to university to do a degree in business which makes her the perfect business partner. She used to work as an assistant manager at Ernest and Jones. In her spare time she loves Disney films, reading, playing the violin, and she used to play hockey. Oh and she has a dog called Chloe and is also married. And the BIG news is that she’s pregnant! Yeh, Lisa! I am so happy for her.

So as you can see we are two very determined ladies with busy lives but we work hard and hopefully that will be reflected on our open day on the 6 th July when we invite you to come to Lannister Farm, the new home of strawberries, to enjoy the festivities of what is sure to be a grand day.

…to be continued.