So what’s the craic?

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting our website at Lannister Farm! The purpose of this short blog is to provide you with a little information on how things are progressing with the strawberry planting and to introduce you to a bit more about myself (Melina) and my best friend Lisa (I’m the fiery redhead one).

I am hopefully going to be providing you with updates once a week and I sincerely hope that it will help inspire other people in Northern Ireland to set up their own businesses (just not pick-your- own… that’s my idea… get your own and call by the shop to pick up a punnet of strawberries to munch on while you are thinking of the next big thing).

So this is where we have started… two green fields that I’ve rented from my father. A blank green canvass on which to build on… it doesn’t look much now but picture one of them as a field of plants bursting with the freshest, juiciest and sweetest strawberries that you can imagine. Think of families and children with juice dripping down their chins as they pick the strawberries fresh from the plants… a few for the basket and one sneakily popped into the mouth. In the second field will be free range chickens providing fresh eggs, a pumpkin patch, and a small hut providing local produce and a cup of tae. Humble beginnings but a business must start first with a dream and mine is to do something rewarding that brings a bit of happiness into the world. We’ll talk about my future plans for Lannister Farm and how the strawberry plants are coming along as we progress on the blog. Be sure to check back next week with a further update on the seedlings.

To be continued…

Love, Melina.