Why it’s better to pick your own.

Here things have been progressing nicely down at Lannister Farm since my last post. It has only been a week and Lisa has been busy planting vegetables. Lots of vegetables! Different varieties of fresh peas, beans, spinach, cabbage, garlic, beetroot, baby carrots and Brussel sprouts all planted in pots and undercover to protect them from any late frosts. The strawberries will be going in last as they take the least time to grow and fruit.

Not only do strawberries taste much better when grown in soil and picked fresh and juicy on the day they’re eaten, but all vegetables taste far superior when collected fresh from the soil. Here is where I get to put on my semi-scientific head, but I am sure you already know that as soon as you pick fresh vegetables and fruit that they begin to lose flavour and nutrients. The longer it takes from field to plate, the more flavour that is lost. This is another reason why freshly picked strawberries and vegetables are far superior in taste than the bland alternatives we have become accustomed to in the supermarkets.

While Lisa has been working hard on the planting, I have been working on ideas for a café in one of the fields. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a space where parents can sit and catch up on the craic without having to worry about their children picking the strawberries. I am not sure my plan will be ready for opening time but it is definitely something I am working towards for the future. However, with the café in mind, I have been working with the Environmental Health Officers on food licensing and food safety training… so you will definitely be able to get a cup of tae on the big day. So don’t forget to put the 6 th July in you diary for a grand day out with the family.

More updates next week.

…to be continued.